Cooking, Complicated, Time-consuming-but yet so yummy.

2 min readNov 11, 2020


Everyone loves eating, right?

But no one really takes the time to enjoy the process of cooking a good meal. Many seek quick-fixes such as snacking, ramen-noodles or takeout to get that fix.

Growing up, my mother always cooked- and by this I mean always cooked. We rarely went out to dinner. But, changed when I moved out of my parent's house to my boyfriend's house(he was a chief)- on to living on my own.

Finally, living on my own has taught me so many things(even though sometimes I called my mom to help)Time-management, grocery shopping, working, and going to school is a lot for any one person to handle.

These past couples of months(quarantine aka unemployed still…)with much time on my hands and a supportive, hungry boyfriend. I conquered the art of cooking and I actually really enjoyed it.

Here is how I got started:

  1. Cooking with friends-with restaurants being closed and cooking for one being a nuisance. It was a great way to gather friends (which I quaratined with) and benefits both of us.
  2. Making a list- of recipes that you like eating I pinned recipes on Pinterest and when I went to the grocery vowed to make one of the recipes I pinned.
  3. Trying a weekly food subscription- I tried Gofresh for about a month and half. I did enjoy some of the recipes and their instructions are clear and have pictures. Its a great way to get the ball rolling.
  4. YouTube- I started watching videos on basic cooking tips and tricks. Cooking is a science and essential to making any dish.(esp baking)
  5. Patience- Cooking takes time and its a process of trial and error. There are many times that I made a dish and hated it. But being patient with a hint of perservance, I was able to keep going.
  6. Sous Vide- This is a process when you put meats in a sealed bag and let it “cook,” the meats before actually cooking it. A bit on the pricey side, but this gadget is a game changer for cooking. Check this video out on how to use this tool.
  7. Cast Iron pan- This maybe essential for any kind of cooking. Using the right pan makes a huge difference to any dish. Cooking steaks, salmon, and scallops never tasted so good. I cannot believe it took me this long to ever purchase one- but for sure one of the best investments ever.