How Quarantine is Changing the Norm

2 min readSep 29, 2020


March 16, 2020 marks the day that will change my life forever. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was on a plane jetting off to Mexico at the worst possible time there was to go. Why I went- still is questionable. But, being as young as I was- I felt invisible. I should’ve been more conscious of the situation and how going on this trip could be my end all be all. I remember being on a plane and getting a message from all of my co-workers implying that my work was closed. My heart dropped and my nerves set in.

Things were a lot worse than I thought they were.

I worked at a night club in Boston called The Grand. I worked the night before pulling an all-nighter before my flight to Cancun to celebrate college spring break. Sitting on this plane- I felt my soul and heart knowing that this pandemic was much more dangerous than what I perceived. All the thoughts that came rushing in my mind. What if I get stuck here? Should I get off the flight now? What if I get sick in Mexico?

Working the night before and the weeks before- it was slow. Very slow. No one came in and tables were canceling left to right. With theses unprecedented events, I just hope for the best. My naive thinking got the best of me. Here I sat scrambling to file for unemployment and still to this day to I am unemployed.

The future scares me…

Many people who are working are jealous of my situation- but why should they be? Working my whole life is all I know and not working had become a nuisance to my life. It was exciting not working for a month — -but then you loose a sense of reality and a sense of purpose.


My goal is to help give advice to turn the negative into positive. Focus on you and turn this event into a goal setting way to maneuver around today’s normal.