How to Reorganize your Home

2 min readNov 25, 2020


Right now is the best time to revap your home. Coronavirus changed the world around us and basically isolated us to our homes. With all this time at home, why not take this time to reorganize that clutter?

  1. Get rid of stuff- Go through your things and get rid of the clutter or anything you dont need. I like to seperate things into piles; trash, donate, misc, maybe or Storage (summer clothing), keep. Fact: We only wear about 20% of the clothes.

Tip: Let your friends go through your items before donating or throwing it away. Obviously, if its trash- throw it away.

2. Get a game plan! Organizing takes time, so setting time to do one room at a time because you dont want to get side tracked. Put everything into a category and a section of where it should go. Check out these Pinterest ideas.


3. Shop! Buy boxes, shoe rack, shelves, 3M Tape Strips, cleaning supplies(swifter)or whatever you need to organize your rooms. Aim for clear boxes or clear anything, this makes it easier to see everything. Check out Target which has a whole section for organizing or Container Store. Tip: I like using the 3-M tape on remotes and basically anything, which I tend to loose. Also, the Shoe hanging organizer(clear is the best) can be used for not just shoes, but to organize cleaning supplies, vanity items, and I even use it to store my gloves, hats, wallets.

4. Clean- Do a through cleaning by dusting off any debri or wipe down shelves, floors, counters, ect. Wear a mask, gloves, because inhaling cleaning products can be dangerous. And have a trash bag in handy as well. Tip: I like to start from the top and work my way down.

5. Organize accordingly — Once you have purchased supplies and cleaned your area.It’s time to start putting everything away. Make labels for boxes, so you dont have to barrel through them to find what you need. Also, color coordinating cant do you no harm. Tip: put items in the same place every time, it will save you headaches and time.

6. Start another room- Cleaning and organizing takes time. If you able to get more than one room done in a day, then that’s great! But, do not expect this to be a day event, not unless you have a whole cleaning crew with you.