Turn your free-time into “fun-time”

3 min readOct 27, 2020


March 15, 2020; marks the first day of my un-employed. Sitting on a plane in traveling over to Mexico in an exclusive location. I thought this unfortunate situation would turn into the best adventure in my life.

But, boy was I wrong. Mexico became a trap…When I landed- I was recieving never-ending news . A week later, I was forced to decide whether to stay or go. My departure was pre-determined by the American Airlines booking me for the next flight home.

Upon arriving home I dedicated my “free-time,” to achieving what I could on my Pinterest Buck List.

What was on my bucket list?

Well…many folders on my bucket list…but I cut it down to what I could accomplish:

  1. Organize: Something so simple, but yet so complex. Organizing and donating all my things to Goodwill made me feel better. It cleared my mind, knowing that I had less clutter.

Tip: get 3 bins labeled keep, maybe, and donate. It’s a fact that you only wear 20% of your clothing. Less is more. More time for you decide less, the outfit you will wear. If you really cannot let go- keep in the “maybe,” bin.

2. Cook: When I had time I would cook. Throughout, the years with my time cons-traits between school, work and social events- it was easier for me to just get take-out. When covid limited my sources, I had to seek new ventures.

Tip: Write down 5 things you wanted to make and then make it. Now is the time to get those culinary skills on point.

3. Enjoy mothernature: Go out for a walk, breather and take note of what you are actually seeing. Pictures do not even come close to what you are viewing. To say the least, more senses are activated doing this than your phone will ever do for you.

Tip: take a picture of your hike. Look back and compare what you feel looking at the picture VS how you felt, smelt, saw, and tasted when you went for that walk.

Being present is more important than seeing a picture.

4. Care for yourself: be grateful for everything you have because it can be gone in a second. Everyday, I wake up I set my intentions and am grateful for what I have. Health is essential-yet humans tends to take it for granted. Like the saying goes “you never know what you have until its gone.”

Tip: Now is the time to take the steps to better your life in order to prevent the inevditenable.

5. Care about our Planet: Care now just about your well-being, but everyone else and anything else surrounding you. Forest fires have been curcial more than ever before or homeless has been more evident. Take the steps to prevent these situations. Whether it be voting or not buying bottle water; we all have our eco-foot prints and a little less goes long way.

Tip: our time is now to change the climate change. Every year, there is less snow, more fires, and its changing our eco-system. There is only one Earth and if we do not change our habits-it will.